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Hormone Replacement (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a phrase which describes the replacement of oestrogen to women whose own oestrogen levels are low. The body makes many hormones and in general, when a hormone is lacking it should be replaced. For example, an under active thyroid gland is treated with thyroid hormone and diabetes is treated with insulin. The ovary makes oestrogen, progesterone and some male hormone, testosterone. Most of the debate in this area relates to the use of oestrogen.

Approximately 80% of menopausal women experience symptoms. While a quarter have severe symptoms, only a small proportion of menopausal women currently take hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Symptoms of the menopause last far longer than most women anticipate. Frequent menopausal vasomotor symptoms, including night sweats and hot flushes, persist in more than half of women for more than seven years.

HRT is an effective treatment for the typical menopause-related symptoms. There are also other long-term health problems associated with the menopause - the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and stroke all increase after the menopause. HRT can also have a positive influence on these health problems.

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